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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Business In NIgeria

Do you want to learn what we told a young man with business in Nigeria that helped turn his business around? A young Nigerian Business owner wanted to know what to do to save his business from collapse. He had worked hard to  build his business in Nigeria but the business seems to have hit a brick wall in terms of sales.  The video below will show you the steps that can help you get […]


How To Build Your Own Business Website And Online Office (PART I)

Do you have a business website ? Do you want to learn how to set up your business website? About 70 percent of our clients come from our website and our online office. I say online office because before we moved into our office at Lakeview estate, we operated from our online office and website. A business website and online office can reduce your cost of launching your business by more then 60% especially when […]

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You can build a company that will not fail like Dangote. What most people do know know is that in the early 2000, Dangote group was very close to bankruptcy. I have taken time to study Aliko Dangote lecture on what happened and  I want to share an idea that can help you build a company that will be profitable and sustainable. 1- KNOW THE CRITICAL SUCCESS DRIVING FACTOR OF YOUR BUSINESS – One thing […]