Kanselor video is our page dedicated to daily videos designed to show small African business owners what they are missing in building profitable and sustainable businesses. At Kanselor university, We #teachafricaaboutbusiness. We use kanselor video to reach people in different parts of Africa who lack access to the kind of resources packed in a kanselor video.
We believe strongly that businesses in Africa are dying primarily from lack of knowledge and not necessarily from lack of funding. In the world we are living in, there is enough funding seeking for businesses to finance.
Unfortunately, most small businesses in Africa are not investment ready because they lack the necessary business structures that most investors must see before they will agree to invest in a company
At Kanselor university because we are focusing primarily on established businesses, our courses will be designed for three category of people.
A kanselor video is uploaded every day and different topics related to business profitability and business sustainability are treated. Each Kanselor video addresses a critical business need of a young African business man or business woman who wants to build a successful business.
welcome to #kanselorvideo