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Welcome to #kanseloruniversity. Today we want to share with you a critical success factor that big companies like Microsoft Toyota and a host of others are using to save their business from destruction.

I want to start by asking you a few questions. Are you aware that one of Microsoft biggest competitors is Apple computer Inc? Are you also aware that when Apple wanted to collapse that it was Microsoft that saved Apple Inc from bankruptcy?

Are you aware that Toyota biggest competitor in America is General Motors? Are you also aware that when GM wanted to crash in the nineties that it was Toyota that sent its team of engineers to help save General Motors from bankruptcy?

Are you aware that the death and resurrection of Jesus almost failed? Are you aware that Jesus had to help his worst enemies the Pharisees to convict him? Microsoft Toyota and Igbo traders are aware of it

The key question now is why should you help your biggest competitor to stay in business? The answer can be found in what happened on the morning that the ancient Sanhedrin council was trying Jesus.

The trial of Jesus started immediately in the early hours of Good Friday and had to be rushed because time was not on the side of the Sanhedrin. On several occasions that they wanted to arrest Jesus they could not because they knew that the crowd supported Jesus and the crowd would have stoned them to death. So they needed to arrest Jesus and try him when the main crowd was not around.

According to Jewish law, for you to condemn a person, two or more witnesses must accuse the person and their testimonies must match. Unfortunately, during the trial, the Sanhedrin could not get two witnesses whose stories agreed.

This meant that there was no way they could condemn Jesus under the Jewish law. This also meant that they could not kill him.

Thus, for Jesus, all he needed to do to avoid condemnation and the death verdict that the Sanhedrin wanted was to keep quiet. If the council could not find any two witnesses to prove their case, they had no choice but to let Jesus go. To win his case, all Jesus needed to do was to keep quiet.The Jewish law did not mandate an accused to speak rather it was the witnesses that must prove their case

Realising that his journey to the cross was about to be cut short, Jesus knew that he had to do something. That was why he spoke up when the council could not prove its case. Jesus needed to help them convict him so that his journey to the cross will continue.

At Pilate office when he could have spoken up to free himself, Jesus kept quiet such that Pilate was even amazed.
All Jesus was doing was supporting his enemies so that he could achieve his own goal of going to die on the cross.

Now coming to Microsoft Toyota and Igbo traders, they too learnt how to empower their competitors so as to achieve their corporate objectives.

Microsoft was becoming like a monopoly and based on US law, once a company assumed a monopoly status, that company will be broken up into independently owned companies. So Microsoft gave Apple computers a huge amount of money that saved Apple Inc from bankruptcy. That way, no one could call Microsoft a monopoly company because Apple was there as a major competitor.

Toyota had to step in to help save General Motors which was the biggest US car manufacturer. The reason was simple. If GM failed, the failure will be blamed on foreign car companies that put GM out of business. The US government would have placed a huge import tariff on cars manufactured outside the US and that would have hurt Toyota seriously. Toyota too helped its major competitor to stay in business and that has helped to improve Toyota business in its biggest market.

An Igbo trader will set up a business for a boy that served under him who was going to become his biggest competitor, right next to his own shop. The Igbo trader realises that you need a critical mass of business owners concentrated in an area for you to be able to overcome government and other sources of intimidation. Take the case of the Medicine dealers in Nigeria. Because they have empowered enough of their competitors, its now very difficult for the regulatory agency to shut their businesses down. They like Jesus learnt to achieve their business strategic objectives by even helping their competitors set-up their own business.

A company that failed to learn that its important to know when to help your competitor to stay in business was STANDARD OIL once owned by Rockefeller John. Standard oil was putting its competitors out of business until it woke up one day and was dissolved into more than 15 companies because the US government saw it as a monopoly.

You must be focused on your strategic objective at every time just like Jesus did and Microsoft Toyota did. If helping you worst competitor is what is required to save your business or help your business expand, them make sure you have the mental strength to help. But you must be very sure that helping the competitor will help save your business. Learn from Microsoft Toyota and Igbo business men

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